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Now hiring: NASA seeks ‘Planetary Protection Officer’

Ready to save the earth? If you have a degree in engineering, mathematics or physical science, NASA is giving you the chance.

It may sound weird, but you could become NASA’s newest Planetary Protection Officer, keeping humans safe from dangerous space organisms. And no, this doesn’t mean aliens. It’s more like alien microbes.

As an employee of the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance for Planetary Protection, the PPO will serve to fulfill the office’s mission “to promote the responsible exploration of the solar system by implementing and developing efforts that protect the science, explored environments, and Earth.”

The starting salary is a nice $124,406, and there is no Independence Day or Mars Attacks! type danger involved. In fact, the position’s tasks include reasonable items such as “assistance in the construction of sterile (or low biological burden) spacecraft, the development of flight plans that protect planetary bodies of interest, the development of plans to protect the Earth from returned extraterrestrial samples, and the formulation and application of space policy as it applies to planetary protection.”

Interested? Check out more about the office, and then apply for the job at



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