Goodbye, Microsoft Paint! It’s been 32 years too long…

With the upcoming release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, one of most well-known graphics editing programs is on the chopping block. That’s right, MS Paint is listed as a program that is “not in active development and might be removed in future releases.” Am I allowed to say it’s about time?

I won’t deny that I spent a ton of time using Paint is a kid. But that was back pre- and during Windows XP. Before I was introduced to Photoshop and other programs. I mean, I know some meme-makers all over the web still use it, but I simply cannot remember the last time I used Paint.

Think about it. Just with Paint 3D and, it’s outdated, and when you can also use Canva, Pixlr or Vectr or download free programs like GIMP, it’s really time to move on. Besides, after 32 years, Paint had a nice, long run!

So while we don’t know Paint’s official funeral date, I’m happy to kick off the goodbyes.

See ya later, MS Paint!

You won’t be missed in this household, but I’m sure low-grade meme-masters everywhere will be saddened by your retirement.

Update: Due to outpouring of support for MS Paint, Microsoft has announced that the program will be available for free on the Windows Store.



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