tesla model 3

First off the assembly line: Tesla Model 3

The first Tesla Model 3 is officially here. You’ll never guess who the slick black car goes to!

…Elon Musk.

Normally the first person who pays full price gets the first car to roll out of production, but apparently Musk wasn’t on top of things for the Model 3. Instead, he was gifted the spot as a birthday present from the person who placed the first order.

The rest of the customers at the top of the list can expect first deliveries around July 28th.

Here are some of the specs for Tesla’s new model:

  • Starts at $35,000 before incentives
  • Compact four-door sedan
  • At 184 in. long, approx. 1 ft shorter than Model S
  • Gets around 215 miles on a single charge
  • 0 to 60 in less than 6 seconds
  • Comes with Tesla’s Autopilot
  • Tesla Supercharger compatible, but a a per-charge cost
  • Available with Ludicrous mode, like the Model S

It’s still not affordable enough for me, but it sure would be cool to have one!



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