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10 awesome electron microscope images of tiny creatures

Science is helping us see creatures in ways we never have before. For instance, you generally know what a flea looks like, but have you ever examined it closely? It’s hard to get any details other than its tiny legs. But with technology like the electron microscope, we can see the flea’s details–from its face to the tiny hairs on its body!

To get a high-resolution, magnified image of a specimen, the electron microscope sends a beam of electrons toward it. Instead of lenses like a regular microscope, the electron microscope has a series of electromagnets that bend the electron beams to magnify the image. And magnify it does! The details are clearer than those from the regular light microscope you’re used to.

Check out the following images to witness the power of the electron microscope and see some tiny creatures up close and personal.

Hydrothermal Vent-tube Worm
Source: Philippe Crassous/

Head Louse, balancing on two hairs
Source: Louwrens Tiedt/

Source: Ms. Siti Nurul Mardhiah Mohamed , Universiti Malaya/

Mosquito's Wing
Source: Daniel Oldfield/@TheMicroscopist

Close up of spider eyes
Source: Dr. Louise Hughes/@DrLouiseCHughes


Close up of an ant
Source: US Govt
Source: matt the monkey/Flikr via  CC BY-NC 2.0


Fruit fly
Source: ZEISS Microscopy/Flikr via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Arrow worm
Source: JesseClaggett/Flikr via CC BY-NC 2.0




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